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Your Premier Destination for Quality Farrier Tools and Equestrian Supplies.

At Thumbal, we take pride in crafting exceptional horse riding equipment, stylish equestrian wear, and a comprehensive range of farrier tools. As a leading brand dedicated to the passion and precision of horse riding, we bring you a collection that combines functionality, durability, and unmatched style.

We welcome you at Thumbal as your trusted partner with the assurance of meeting all of your expectations about Quality, Price, Easy Payment Terms, Short Lead Time, Strict Commitment, and Fast Communication.


To focus on the mutual growth of our business and customers.
To maintain quality standards irrespective of number of items ordered.
To play our due part in providing the highest quality.
Establish THUMBAL as a world-class brand in the field of items we produce.
Keep our customers satisfied always.


Only through security, quality and sustainability, we create values and new perspectives in the production of OEM products, custom-made products and innovative new developments. With careful adherence to all legal requirements, quality management according to the highest requirements and a complete documentation of all production steps and all raw materials used, we create a stable and solid basis for a trusting and long-term cooperation with our buyers.


Being Specialized in Bespoke and OEM Manufacturing along with wide range of standard products we have establish a supper active R&D department supported by advanced laboratory and trail workshop to adopt new innovations very fast in compliance with all international standards, it’s our key point the major brands around the world are in contract with us as their Innovative OEM partner. You may enjoy our services to promote your business in surely controlled budget

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100% Commitment

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Production Capacity

Up-to 1.75 million units a year

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15-25 Days

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OEM Manufacturing

With OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) products, you are right from the start – it is the basis for a trusting relationship and a key to the loyalty of your customers. With excellent medical OEM assortments from our company you not only convince at first sight, you lay the basis for long-term cooperation and loyal customer relations. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Bespoke & Customization

Our entire range of products is manufactured by well trained specialists and can be adapted to your special requirements at any time. We manufacture custom made instruments for you in the highest quality, which makes you a specialist for unique, high quality products. With our experience and concepts, nothing stands in the way of your success so don’t miss the opportunity to win the market.

Product Development

You want to bring new developments to the market and realize your ideas? As your specialist partner specialized in Bespoke Manufacturing, we support you competently in the development of your ideas up to the production maturity and produce unique and qualitative instruments for you which will convince your customers and consolidate your market position.

Private Labeling / Branding

We believe that the growth of our valued buyers demand higher quality products packed in secure and attractive packing for unique presentation, for this we offer private labeling and branding to support our buyers.

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